New maritime terminal “S. M. Elisabetta”

The new passengers' terminal of Lido (Venice) is articulated in a series fragmented elements, (waiting rooms with ticket offices) altering between full and empty spaces thus allowing transparency of the structure as much as possible; the waterfront of approximately 150 meters is visually characterized by the dynamic ‘sail’ covering of the square which figuratively  represents the strongest and recognizable sign, especially for those who come from the water.  We are dealing with an architectural element dimensioned proportionally to its context.

Location: Venice Lido, Italy
Client: Insula s.p.a., ACTV s.p.a., PMV s.p.a.
Intervention type: Construction of a covered square, waiting lounge and service center for passengers, ticket-offices and information center
Dimensional data: 3.200 sqm
Status: Intervention completed - DECEMBER 2010
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