Reconstruction of the façades of a directional building

“Garitte-box” are two prefabricated boxes respectively located on S. Marta’s and Isonzo’s docks (four more boxes will be built in Tronchetto’s and Marittima’s sea basins).

They are the new pedestrian access points to the Venice’s leisure port and they host the police check point in order to ensure a high level of security.

As a part of the urban fabric of the city, they were designed to be a landmark.

At the same time, because of their “technical and contemporary nature”, they are built to have the least visive impact.

The parallelepiped shape volume is 7,50 m long, 5 m large and 3,2 m tall and is articulated in three different rooms: a checkpoint area, a police office and a bathroom.

The prefabricated steel structure is designed and assembled to impede magnetic field that could interfere with electronic equipment.

Location: Bra (Cuneo), Italy
Client: ARPA Industriale S.p.a.
Intervention type: Reconstruction of the façades
Dimensional data: 2.000 sqm
Status: Intervention completed - AUGUST 2014
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